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Respite care

We go out of our way to ensure we meet individual needs, which is why some of our homes across Kent offer respite care.

Whether you are caring for a loved one or you have someone who cares for you, it is appropriate that, occasionally, you both get a break. Carers can relax with peace of mind knowing that their relative or patient is in a safe and homely environment with 24-hour care available. 

Abbeyfield Kent respite care
Respite stays also build a relationship between the individual and the staff and home, which can be beneficial should a more permanent stay at the home become necessary in the future.

Care is at the heart of the Society and the welfare, happiness and fulfillment of residents is fundamentally important to our operation.  People’s personal preferences are incorporated into care packages to ensure the highest standard of continued care. 

Our short stay breaks offer all-inclusive care, which means you can expect accommodation, comfortable and homely living and dining areas and home cooked meals. 

If you are considering respite care and want to find out any more information, the home manager will be happy to talk through the process in more detail.

Managing feelings of guilt or anxiety

Many people who care for someone feel worried or guilty about taking a break and leaving the person they are supporting, even for a short period. It is important to remember:
  • If a carer stretches themselves too far and becomes ill or depressed, life may become more difficult both for them and for the person they are caring for.
  • Carers are entitled to time to themselves, to do what they want to do.

For a brochure on respite care please click here.