Spirit of Abbeyfield

In 2011, we introduced the Spirit of Abbeyfield Award to recognise our members of staff who go the extra mile in caring for older people.

We are lucky to have many exceptional members of staff who are deeply committed to their profession and deserve to be acknowledged.

The Spirit of Abbeyfield Award is:

"The manifestation of the commitment to the Society which is significantly and clearly greater than could be reasonably expected in the course of one's duty or normal contact with the organisation."

Previous winners include, Maggie Town, a carer at Greensted, Valerie Banfield, who has worked at Rogers House for over 20 years, Sally Briggs, who dedicated 43 years to the Society and Kath Haines, a Housekeeper at Northwood Road who calmly managed a disastrous leak in the middle of the night at the Whitstable home.

Along with long serving employees, nominees are invited to an award ceremony where the winner is presented with their award and shown a video discussing their achievements.

This year we were inundated with nominations and so another award category was born, the 'Volunteer of the Year' award. The first winner of this award was Babs Watson, a 94-year-old lady who despite being frail herself, still manages to visit the residents and play the piano for them each week.

Nominations will soon open for the 2016 Spirit of Abbeyfield and Volunteer of the Year Award. The award is open to all our staff and anyone can nominate. Please email nominations to media@abbeyfieldkent.org giving us details of your nominee and stating why they embody the Spirit of Abbeyfield. Alternatively, speak to a member of staff at any of our homes.