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Daring Peggy flies high!

Daring Peggy flies high!

Main News, 18-Jul-2012

Margaret Fisher House’s resident daredevil Peggy Williams recently undertook a brave project to raise funds for the Paddock Wood home.

Peggy received a flight in a helicopter as a gift from her son and decided to turn in to a fundraising exercise for her new home. The flight took off from an airfield in South London and flew over the venues for the 2012 Olympic Games, giving Peggy a bird’s eye view of the preparations.

Peggy says she did not experience nerves before take off, and was very much looking forward to the experience, but with her background it’s not surprising. This wasn’t the first time Peggy’s son has given her an exciting and unusual activity as a gift. Previous high-flying activities have included taking a trip on Concorde, a glider flight over Kent and a flying lesson!

This was the first time that Peggy had taken a ride in a helicopter, but she loved the experience and would recommend to any of her fellow Abbeyfield Kent residents!

With the help of her son, who lives in the area, Peggy has raised over £500 for Margaret Fisher House, which will be given to the Friends of Margaret Fisher House to decide what best to do with it. The Friends are an active support group who organise days out and activities for residents at the house.

Peggy was born in Hampshire and has spent most of her life in Cheshire, she moved to Margaret Fisher House since last Christmas to be closer to her family in Kent. Her family is spread out over the country, and includes two grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Peggy before the flight

Peggy before the flight

Responding to the suggestion that she is a bit of a daredevil, Peggy responded: “I think I must be, I love the days out and experiences I’ve been given. I never seem to get lavender as a gift!”