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Marise's Art Exhibition is a huge success!


Main News, 05-Apr-2012

Marise Edlin, a local artist who lives at Connors House, recently enjoyed success with an art exhibition at the Canterbury home.

The exhibition took place on Saturday 31st March at Connors House, in Craddock Road, Canterbury, and was attended by over 100 people who travelled from all over Kent to study Marise’s art, and check out her most famous painting. 

In 1968 Marise painted “Beachcomber,” a piece that was made the Royal Academy’s Painting of the Year in 1969. Beachcomber was exhibited by the Academy along with some other examples of Marise’s work at an exhibition in Scotland, and now lives with her son Paul in Canterbury. Paul kindly arranged for the painting to be displayed at the exhibition, so many more people were fortunate enough to be able to examine it.

Marise Edlin has lived at Connors House since moving from Wingham in 2009 and has painted all her life. Unfortunately, in recent years Marise has developed an incurable hip condition which means that she is no longer able to stand to paint. Before moving to Connors House Marise had stopped painting entirely; staff at the home found out about her talent and encouraged her to pick up her paint brush again and Marise developed a new method of painting to work around her hip problem, and she hasn’t looked back since. 

Marise has benefitted tremendously from this return to the art form, commenting: “Even when I’m in pain, when I’m painting it fades into the background.” Marise is originally from Sussex, but moved to the Kent twenty years ago, and has lived in the Canterbury area since. After the event, Marise commented: “It was moving to see so many people come along to my exhibition; I was humbled. I am incredibly grateful to all those who came along on the day, I hope they enjoyed it.”

The event was so successful that the exhibition was extended for a further four days so that more people could enjoy it. Christine Devlin, home manager at Connors House was delighted that the event was a success, commenting: “It was fantastic to see Marise on the day, she deserved every bit of acclaim that came her way and it was long overdue. Everyone at Connors House is so proud of her for what she has achieved since moving here, and we all hope that she can carry on enjoying her painting for many more years to come.”