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St Martins Celebrates Jubilee

St Martins Celebrates Jubilee

Main News, 06-Jun-2012

Residents at St Martins residential home in Larkfield enjoyed celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this weekend.

Staff made every effort to decorate the Abbeyfield Kent residential home with red, white and blue balloons and the Union Jack flag. Residents dressed up to mark the occasion, wearing hats and waving flags.

The celebrations kicked off on Saturday 2nd June, when the residents were treated to a special tea party. They enjoyed traditional British fare such as cucumber sandwiches, jam tarts and sausage rolls. The dining room was decorated in patriotic style, with Union Jack flags and posters.

After the party, everyone gathered around the lounge to watch the Jubilee festivities on the television. Residents discussed their memories of the Queen’s 60 year reign, with many of them remembering her coronation in 1953.

For one resident, Doris Bowyer, the afternoon was very similar to one she enjoyed 60 years ago. She said: “I lived in a cul-de-sac and ours was the only family with a telly, so all the neighbours came round to watch the coronation. It was a squeeze but we loved it and had a tea party afterwards!”

Alf Nicholls, resident, said: “My mother organised a big street party where we lived in London. The fun went on from early until very late at night! It was wonderful and I have really enjoyed celebrating the Diamond Jubilee at St Martins as well.” Another resident, Edwin Hoare, was only 19 and serving the country in the forces at the time of the coronation. He remembers watching the procession in London then going home to watch it again on the television! Edwin said, “It was lovely and this years Diamond Jubilee was lovely too.”

Edie Chapman remembers the coronation in 1953 as a united time in Britain. “We had a party at my mothers house, everyone came together to celebrate and it was like having a huge extended family.” Residents at St Martins finished off the party with a glass of bucks fizz, delicious British strawberries and cream and plenty of Union Jack cupcakes.

St Martins residents celebrate on the daySt Martins residents celebrate on the day

 Jan Moulton, Home Manager at St Martins, commented: “All the residents at St Martins have really enjoyed celebrating the Diamond Jubilee and reminiscing about the Queens coronation. It’s been a weekend to remember.”

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