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Who Cares?

In 2009, Abbeyfield Kent launched their Who Cares? Initiative to help give peace of mind to older people in Kent. 

Sometimes, the care that the Abbeyfield Kent provides can no longer be paid for from diminishing personal resources for some long term residents. It’s a sad fact that, when many old people have to move to a less expensive home often miles away from family and friends, the change can lead to sickness and premature death.

The Who Cares? Initiative was established to provide the funding needed to bridge the gap between the cost of high quality care and what is affordable. We use money raised by the Who Cares? Initiative to provide peace of mind to those who need that extra support so that they can remain in our homes as part of the Abbeyfield Kent family.

The Who Cares? Initiative relies on donations from individuals and organisations that recognise the need to help those who are vulnerable and at risk. The full 100 percent of those donations are used to directly support those whose need is greatest: The Abbeyfield Kent Society administers and promotes the scheme without using any of the money donated to pay for administration or any other costs. 

Your generosity will make an elderly vulnerable person enjoy the continued love and care they deserve.